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How Can Search Engine Marketing Help My Business?

Nowadays when a customer thinks about buying a product or service, the first thing they do is go to Google and type in a keyword to search for it.
Google instantly returns the most relevant results to the customer. Our goal is to make YOUR business THE most relevant result. In doing so, you will be one of the first companies the customer sees, leading to more customers and sales.

Buyer Intent

When people search on Google, they have intent. Meaning they are already thinking about using your product or service. The outcome is these potential customers convert better into buyers as they have already bought into the idea. We identify those keywords which have more intent for your business, and we put you at the top of Google to benefit from them.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of improving a websites’ structure and content so that it is highly visible to search engines and provides useful content to its customers.
It consists of three main parts:

On Page Optimisation

Your website pages need to be correctly structured, tagged and laid out in a way that is clear and user-friendly for your customers and Google. If Google can read and understand what your page is about, it indexes your content and returns it to users when they search for your topic or business.


Your page content must be centred around the relevant keywords or search terms that your customers are looking for on Google. It must answer their queries and build trust to convert them to the next phase of the buying process.

Quality Link Building

When high-quality websites link to your web pages, this tells Google your site content must be valuable. It is a signal for Google to rank you more highly in search results. Google places importance on the company you keep.

How Growth Unleashed Works

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